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How Our Wall Statement Sets Work

Kazi wall statements are easy to arrange and hang yourself in moments. Here's how.

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Woven Together
Skilled African Women Weave Our Creations and Forever Change Their Worlds.

When we pay fair hourly wages to skilled artisans who create our original natural woven products in the safety of their own homes, their sustainable income flow has a four-fold positive economic impact on their communities.

Soil to Coil

How It's Made

It feels great to be loved. And to know it's for a good reason.

“A sophisticated backdrop for business calls but a casual cozy feel that works for my bedroom décor as well.”

Kate L.

“The pictures don’t even do it justice, the pictures are nice but this is amazing!”

Lindsay R.

"It is an opportunity to welcome people into our house and create a statement piece people will want to know more about."

Donovan M.

"Love all of these pieces that I recently purchased... 9 in all! They changed the look of the living room and hall bathroom with a wow effect!"

Sharon B.

"I love seeing these every day and often find myself going over the patterns and colors with my eyes. They are an absolute treat to look at. Hanging the baskets was easy too!"

Lisa P.

"I enjoyed looking over their products and had a difficult time deciding which ones to buy... Keep up the good work and praise to the craftspeople for their lovely work!"

Carl B.