Purposeful Production
Hand Woven by African Artisans Who Choose Sustainable Fair Wage Employment

Your wall statement pieces are crafted using age-old methods from an expert weaver, whose fair wages then circulate in her community. This is how we as a family, and company, create lasting economic impact in Africa, and beauty at home.

From Soil to Coil

How It's Made

It starts with design

Our global team of designers work together with our African artisans to plan beautiful statements designed to fit in modern, thoughtfully styled homes.

Restorative Greens

Resilient Earth Tones

Coastal Blues

Transportive Seascapes

Bold Black & White

Definitive Modern

Blossoming Pastels

Welcoming Familiarity

Blissful Brights

Bursting Vitality

Ambient Blue-Greens

Calming Lucid Dreams

Captivating Contrast

Attractive Opposites in Balance

Relaxing Neutrals

Texture Forward Naturals

Artisans sustainably hand-grow fibers near their homes.

Naturally Sustainable Materials

We exclusively use responsibly harvested local materials like raffia, elephant grass and sisal when weaving our wall statement pieces, and every color you see is drawn from organic natural dyes. This eco-protective process brings organic living at home, and peace of mind at heart.

Early on in their careers, our weavers learn how to grow and harvest their own materials. That way, once they advance their weaving skills and save up enough money, they can employ people in their communities to help harvest the fibers on their behalf as they weave. It is part of our business model to teach our artisans to experience accountability in the supply chain because it empowers them to be independent. 


Artisans work in collective groups, or weave at home, where they can stay with their children.

The finished basket is breathtaking.

The completed basket... is a labor of love, a testament to skill and a piece of art.

Kazi means work (in Swahili).

That’s what we create: works of art, that provide steady work, for artisans. Our designs generate a fair and stable wage for expert artisans, making lasting economic impact in their communities.

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