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Ensuring Fair Wages

Central to the mission of Kazi and All Across Africa is ensuring fair wages across all artisan work in order to most directly alleviate poverty in their communities. Central in measuring what constitutes a fair and living wage are the indicators of opportunity and investment that in most cases were not previously available. For All Across Africa’s work specifically, 94% of Artisans have purchased livestock or land as an investment, 96% are able or have been able to send their children to primary school, and 88% of all artisans have active savings accounts. 

These economic and family-oriented metrics are key in ensuring that artisans are not only making a livable wage, but are having the opportunity to reinvest in their families and communities. On a tangible level, this means that artisans are able to afford a better diet for themselves and their family, cover routine expenditures, and begin investing in land or home improvements. Overall, when more money is in local markets, artisans have the spending power to create new jobs and opportunities in a variety of sectors that reach beyond just the handicrafts industry.