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Each basket tells a story. The stories of the Rwandan women who have intricately handcrafted these baskets from sweet grass and the leaves of the agave sisal plant. The intricate designs and flawless work of an experienced weaver is never the result of luck. Rather, Rwandan women owe their skills to the women before them who passed on the knowledge from generation to generation—mother to daughter, grandmother to child. Each piece is unique, culturally and traditionally inspired, and handwoven in intimate Rwandan communities.

This basket, left unfinished, will add a pop of color to any room while also giving your home a rustic touch with the exposed sweet grass.

Land of a Thousand Hills Design

This basket recalls Rwanda’s mountainous terrain. The beautiful design illustrates the mountain ranges that cover the nation and surround the countryside with amazing views.

Often referred to as “the land of a thousand hills” Rwanda is composed of countless mountain ranges whose steep slopes are dotted with thousands of terraced farms that seemingly defy gravity as sure-footed farmers harvest crops from these precipitous plots.

Hidden among the hills are thriving vegetation and vibrant wildlife, most famously the rare mountain gorillas. It’s been said that Rwanda’s terrain offers a democratic beauty, as rich and poor alike are blessed with incredible views of the land and cities.

  • Approximately: 12” D x 3.5” H
  • Made of sisal and sweet grass
  • Organic Dyes
  • Made in the Rwanda
  • Profiled weaver tag attached to each product
  • Fair trade
  • Safe to use with food

Care instructions: If necessary, use damp cloth to wipe clean. Do not submerge or wash with water.

*All products are made by hand with love and vary slightly in color and size. See our Guarantee of Quality for more information.