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    The 6 Best Ways to Style
    Your KAZI Woven Vase

    Sometimes you just need the perfect accessory to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home. Whether you want to add a little organization or bring in some texture to a room, our vases are one way to dress up your space. We have more than 30 designs, each their own unique color and hand woven by artisans in Uganda and Rwanda.

    While we think our vases stand out on their own, they’ll make your home even more chic when styled right. Here are a few “accessories” to make our KAZI-favorite vases a beautiful décor piece in your space.

    1. Dried Flowers

    If you need a low-maintenance way to decorate your home, add dry flowers, leaves, or other greens to one of our KAZI vases. A brightly colored one will beautifully juxtapose the muted hues of the dried foliage, while a taupe or gray design will help create a subtle focal point.

    2. Fresh Flowers

    If fresh flowers are more to your liking, all you have to do is purchase a Glass Vase Insert to line your favorite woven vase. You’ll be able to keep cut flowers looking fresh, which is the easiest way to brighten up a room. Plus, since we have such a large collection of designs and colors, you can switch out your vase to complement your bouquet.

    3. Kitchen Utensils

    • A unique way to display your kitchen utensils is with a KAZI vase. Try the Black + White Igisozi Vase to elegantly show off your go-to tools, or add a splash of color to your kitchen by displaying them in the Striped Spring Sisal Vase. The vases will take your kitchen utensils from eyesore to focal point, and you can be happy knowing your purchase is helping artisans in Africa provide for their families.

    4. Bottle of Wine

    Keep your bottle of wine nice, cozy, and stylish by placing it in a KAZI woven vase. The Tangerine, Slate & Flamingo Sisal Vase can be a colorful addition to any wine night (and also makes for a wonderful and unique hostess gift). You can also creatively display your wine preferences and use the Earth Red Umwambi Vase to hold your reds, and the Light Taupe Diyama Vase to hold your favorite white wines. Either way, our handcrafted vases will keep condensation and stains off your table or countertop in a stylish way.

    5. Baguettes

    It may seem unconventional, but try throwing in a large baguette or a handful of Italian breadsticks next time you’re hosting a wine and cheese night. It puts the bread on full display, while leaving your charcuterie board open for more of the good stuff—meats, cheese, jams, and olives.

    6. Remote Controls

    While this might not be the most stylish accessory, per se, it will keep your living room or den a little tidier. Simply round up the remote controls for all your devices—TV, Blu-Ray, Firestick, Speakers—and keep them all in one very stylish woven vase. With so many colors and designs, you can find a vase that matches your room’s décor, so the vase becomes the focus, not the clutter.

    How have you styled your KAZI vase? Share your décor ideas with us on Facebook.
    Or visit KAZI online for more inspiration and to view all our products.