deserves to
make a fair

a lasting

At KAZI, we believe that everyone
deserves to make a fair wage to support
themselves and those around them, no
matter where they are in the world. We
don’t just measure success by how many
products or services we’ve sold—but by
how the lives of our artisans and their
communities improve over time, too.


/kah’ ze e/ noun
Origin: From Swahili,
meaning “employment,
jobs, source of income”

Watch how

Our mission:

We aren’t just bringing handcrafted things to your living room. We’re bringing you beautiful pieces that add life to your space and empower artisans to weave a better story for themselves.

Fair wage jobs

Sustainable materials

Quality craftsmanship

with a

we’ve been able to:

Create employment for 4,575
from Rwanda,
Uganda, and Ghana

Impact more than
36,137 family members
and 100,000 community

Increase their earnings

Our story

We wanted to change people’s live not
only through aid, but also through creating
a sustainable enterprise where a family’s
income is permanently improved.

  • 2013

    An unusual pair—both committed to social good and with years of nonprofit
    experiences under their belts— Greg Stone and Alicia Wallace still had one big question on their minds:
    How can we really empower men and women to overcome
    poverty in their lifetime?

    They set out to create different solutions to pull people out of poverty, but
    couldn’t shake the words that came from one of their school sponsorships

  • “Thanks for helping, but it’s put more of a burden on
    our family since our children can’t help with farming.
    We don’t have enough to eat without their help—
    what we really need are jobs.”

  • Instead of ignoring what they heard and reporting only the successes, they
    transformed their program from traditional aid into a sustainable business
    focused on developing leaders and market solutions.

  • “We’ve set out to change the face of poverty in this lifetime, not
    just for the future generations of those we serve.”

  • From this, KAZI was born, focused on creating unique, beautiful products
    for the world to admire from talented artisans in remote regions previously
    without market access.

  • “We believe women and men in rural areas in Africa can be
    agents of change for themselves, their families, and their
    community when given the proper training and consistent
    access to global markets. Their talents and gifts are incredible.”

  • At KAZI, we’re equipping and empowering women and men to succeed
    beyond their biggest dreams. Now, these women and men send their kids to
    school without traditional aid, through their own hard work.

We hope you join us on our journey to
create a beautiful and fair world for

Meet Our Artisans

Read Their Stories

From our team

Gisal Mendoza

Product Designer, California

Working at KAZI means using my love for design for the better good! I’m grateful every day that what I design has meaning and purpose, and knowing that the artisans we work with are thriving and have achieved financial independence is what keeps me going.

Tom Wheeler

Sales Manager, California

I believe KAZI is the future of handcrafted home decor; sustainably sourced, women-owned, and committed to building thriving communities.

Modeste Shumbusho

Country Director, Rwanda

I love how we help people. It’s not just a market we’re providing. It’s a community, it’s training, tools, and life skills that give women with a first-grade education the tools to be more than just a weaver. They are leaders and respected in the community—some even surpass us with college educations. It’s really amazing.

Cathy Zalwango

Country Director, Uganda

Through my work at KAZI I have learned that a basket is not just a basket, it is LIFE. I see it every day in the smiles of our artisans.

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