Nest is a non-profit organization that creates more opportunities for brands to connect consumers with ethically produced handcrafted items.

The mission

Global artisan work is notoriously unregulated, underserved, and unprotected. Nest ensures the production provides safe and empowering employment for all workers.

The Seal

The Nest Seal is a symbol of assurance letting customers know that the items they shop, from fashion, to furniture, have been ethically handcrafted in a home or small workshop.

Nest certifications have been featured in:

Nest + Kazi’s Ethical Handcraft
Program Standards

  • Worker rights and wellbeing

    Global artisan work is notoriously unregulated, underserved, and unprotected. Nest’s mission is to make production more sustainable and socially responsible, creating safe and empowering employment for all workers.

  • Child advocacy and protection

    Children under lawful age of employment should never participate in company production.

  • Fair compensation and benefits

    All artisans are paid a living wage in a timely manner, and it must be at or above the statutory minimum wage for all production. There should be a system of incentives to promote meeting quality, and all quality standards must be standardized and clearly communicated. Every artisan has access to benefits.

  • Health and safety

    There must be a clean and safe working environment, along with a proactive approach for caring for the physical and mental health—as well as safety—of workers. All workers must be educated on the importance of safety and trained properly, especially for machinery and chemical use as well as sanitation and emergency procedures.

  • Environmental care

    Practice energy conservation wherever possible to lower environmental impact, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

    The production process should include responsible solid waste disposal, wastewater remediation, and the proper handling of chemicals.

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