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Our direct working relationship with the artisans paired with strong talent in the US and Europe gives us a trusted skillset to create new, customized products quickly - ensuring quality and timely delivery for you, our trusted partner, every time.

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Ethan Allen

Shawn Lang, Director

“We've gotten a great response towards the baskets and they have exceeded our expectations!”

Ellen Kyle

Farmgirl Flowers San Francisco, CA

“The baskets we developed with your KAZI are stunning and the construction is excellent. Thank you for all your help with this project!”

J. Banks

Commercial Staff Designer

“The baskets turned out amazing, everyone loves them!”

Frequently asked questions about custom orders and new product design:

Many of our partners like using our label or brand to build credibility. With our Nest Seal, your customers and the public can be confident in the transparent working relationship with artisans that assures fair wages paid, no children in the workforce, and traceable materials and supply chain.

Other partners like to use us as a source of product development for their brand, and the artisan’s products are privately labeled or white-labeled. We’re happy to share the artisan profiles of the men and women who made your products—along with the impact stories. You’ll still have permission to use the information on your website and tag about the source and impact provided, you can just do it under your brand.

Our specialty lies in what are typically described as baskets—but they are so much more than African handmade fair trade baskets—they are high-end handbags, trivets, coasters, wall art, placemats, napkin rings, wedding tabletop décor, custom corporate gifts, fruit bowls and baskets, laundry hampers, lamp pendants and shades, unique holiday ornaments, zoo animals, pet beds, and merchandise organization for your brand or store.

Our merchandise and design teams are experts in the materials and capabilities and can set up a call to discuss and inform you of what’s possible. We have helpful information guides and overviews we’re happy to send as well.

The timelines to create new, unique items and custom products for your store or brand typically take 4-10 weeks. The time varies based on the size of the item, the complexity of the new design and how much time you can dedicate to quick feedback and clarity on the design process.

We seek to eliminate as many barriers of entry to work with us as possible. Therefore, we charge no upfront costs for designing a customized product, color, or design with us. Our mission is to employ our artisans and continue to give them ample work. Therefore, as long as an order is placed after the sampling round, there is no cost to the development stage. If you decide not to move forward and place an order for the products, we will share an invoice for the retail price of the products sampled.

We must create a cutoff somewhere, so we offer the first five samples at no cost upfront—if you’re requesting over 5 samples, we do charge for the sample.

Good question! Since there are so many possibilities in shapes and designs for handcrafted woven products (in fact, we are still discovering new ones!), it’s hard for us to put a set minimum—because we must take training, time, materials, and fair wages for our artisans into consideration first.

Our attempt at a simple solution (and forgive us if this changes based on the type of customized product you desire):
1. Customized Color/Design/Pattern – Existing Product
a. If our weavers have produced it before and we know the materials and pricing already,
but you want your own color or pattern on the product.
b. MQO: 30 / sku

2. Completely New Product
a. This means our artisans must be trained, we must learn the materials needed, and time intensity of the product first.
b. MQO: 150/sku

We work with a range of customers: From brands looking to expand their offering and create unique products to offer with their other branding products, to designing and developing new products for the hospitality industry for table settings, hotel wall décor, interior design projects, custom wedding or event decor, and even custom corporate gifts.

We’ve developed new woven components for handbags, fashion companies, furniture stores, tabletop accessories—and even for shoes.

Some of our partners develop brand new products taking inspiration from their brand aesthetic and online research, while other partners customize our products into their colors or change the size to fit their needs.

From residential to commercial interior design projects for office spaces, hotels, or major retail brands, we’re a trusted, proven product development partner that can quickly make your vision come to life with little risk and investment.