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    Form & Function: 3 Ways to Style Our Vases

    With a plethora of unique patterns and types to choose from, it’s difficult to decide just how to style one of our beautiful woven vases. We’ve detailed a few ways our vases can add a decorative or utilitarian touch to your home:

    1. As a Flower Vase

    Our glass insert fits perfectly into the smaller cylindrical vases we offer, making a fresh bouquet of real flowers a chic and fragrant styling option. Alternatively, fill one of our vases with dried or artificial flowers for an everlasting accent piece. Our Huye vases are ideal for tall, dried foliage!


    2. As a Bottle or Utensil Holder

    Place a bottle of wine or a sparkling beverage into one of our cylinders and add a unique accent piece to your next Summer soiree. They also make ideal, decorative utensil holders.

    3. With Differently Sized Vases

    The variety of our vases makes it easy to mix and match their patterns, colors, and sizes. Experiment with a trio of vases with different heights and shapes, or stick to one color palette and mix patterns (try it with our Black + White Collection).

    Shop vases here!

    KAZI Holiday Gift Guide

    With the holidays season here, the hunt for the perfect gift is on. You want to find something thoughtful, personal, useful, and beautiful—all rolled into one neatly wrapped package topped with a bow. KAZI has incredible fair trade gifts for everyone, no matter whom you’re shopping for. With KAZI, you can give hope, unity, friendship, and so much more while supporting artisans in Africa. Here are the carefully curated sets for every personality on your shopping list; read on and prepare for the excited faces and thankful praises from the people you love.

    The Host / Hostess

    The host or hostess in your life will be incredibly thankful for the Cherry & Dijon Kitchen Set. It shows you appreciate the love and care they put into every party, event, and dinner they invite you to. The set comes with a vase to hold a bottle of wine, flowers, or utensils; napkin rings to add a pop of color to the table; coasters to protect their table; and a beautiful trivet to hold the hot dishes they carefully prepared.

    And because every host or hostess worth their salt knows entertaining friends and family doesn’t start and stop in the kitchen, get them the Green Living Room Set. They’ll easily be able to move their soirée into their living room or outdoor space and keep the party going. The Sorbet and Green Planters pack a (brightly-colored) punch and are perfect for neatly displaying and growing greens. The Extra Large Gray Green Cathedral Basket can be used to quickly stash away odds and ends when unexpected guests show up, and the Smoke Dancer Serving Tray makes a perfect coffee table centerpiece or wall accent.

    The Colorful Entertaining Set makes the perfect setup for an Instagram flat lay. The fashionista in your life can fill the orange Ochre Igisozi Vase with flowers (or use it as a wine bottle holder—it’s the perfect fit), use the teal Unity Coasters to frame her carefully crafted latte or cocktail, and keep her makeup or jewelry organized with the teal and tan serving trays.


    The Fashionista

    Speaking of jewelry, any fashion-forward woman would be thrilled to rock a tasseled necklace or earrings made by KAZI’s artisans. The set of (four) Multicolor Bracelets makes a great stocking stuffer. You can also combine separate pieces, like the Black + White Spike Tassel Earrings, Black + White Amani Necklace, and Black + White Tasseled Necklace to create a bold look she’ll wear well past the holiday season.

    Chances are, your friend or family member who has their passport covered in stamps, also has a very eclectic and colorful living space. The Bright Wall Décor or Delightful Wall Décor sets will no doubt accent their souvenirs or global artwork while adding even more color and texture to their space. 

    The Traveler

    The Colorful Bathroom Set is another way to honor their love of traveling. The set includes a fringed basket perfect for holding toilet paper rolls or travel-related reading material; bread basket for hand towels or small souvenirs; serving tray for holding toiletries or displaying mementos; and a woven fan to decorate a wall. The bright, cheerful designs don’t just have to be constrained to the powder room, though; your recipient can mix and match the items to add a lived-in, eclectic flair to any room in their home.

    The Bachelor 

    Get the bachelor or recent college graduate in your life to finally take down the Bob Marley and Godfather posters and put up some more respectable décor. KAZI’s Neutral Wall Décor set incorporates a masculine color palette of black, beige, and tan to create strong designs that are neutral enough to work in any bachelor pad. The four-basket set can be hung in a straight line or clustered together to create a unique look that fits the recipient’s own style. 

    You can also purchase the matching black and white Inspired Host Set to prepare them for guests. It comes with a serving tray, bread basket (which can also be used to hold car keys, knick-knacks, or kitchen snacks too), and coasters. Whether they use it to host or to keep their home or apartment a little neater, they’ll appreciate the sophisticated accessories.

    To view our entire collection of handcrafted products, visit KAZI online.

    A Safari-Inspired Nursery: The Fair Trade, Handmade Items You Need for Your Child's Bedroom

    When it comes time to decorate your baby’s nursery, you’ll want to create a cozy space that can grow with your child. Choosing a safari-inspired nursery theme can give your room a cohesive style that works whether you’re having a boy or girl. KAZI’s hand-woven goods are created by artisans in Africa and come in a wide variety of colors, so they’ll fit right in with whatever color palette you choose for your little one.

    Each KAZI product is eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals around your baby. What’s more, the designs are neutral enough to enhance your décor but bold enough to give your safari-themed nursery an eclectic, authentic vibe. You can easily pair our baskets and art with animal print textiles or keep it neutral and let the KAZI products speak for themselves. Here are the six products to add to your nursery to create a one-of-a-kind space you’ll be excited to bring baby home to.

    Trays for Your Changing Table or Diaper Station

     While we call them Serving Trays on our site, they can be used in so many different ways. Choose a rimmed style like the Lake + Spring Green Unity Serving Tray and neatly stack diapers for organized, easy-to-reach storage. Once baby has grown out of diapers, you can repurpose the tray to hold lotions, hair accessories, or small toys in your child’s room later on. Or you might even fall in love with it and decide to move the tray to another room in your house and use it there.


    Bowls for Knick Knacks and Accessories

    You can use any one of our Round Bowls to round up your baby’s smaller necessities. For instance, you can place it on your changing table and keep any skincare items like lotions, diaper rash cream, and baby powder within reach. You can also put one of the colorful baskets inside a drawer to keep all your baby’s socks in one place. And because you’ll also be spending a copious amount of time in the nursery, we recommend placing a bowl near your rocker, to hold a book, snacks (for you), small tablet, and headphones to keep you entertained while you’re nursing, feeding, or soothing your baby.



    Baskets for Toys or Blankets 

    Baby might not be playing with toys just yet, but you can use our Bolga Baskets to hold blankets, crib sheets, or burp cloths until you reach that phase. The open baskets make it easier to quickly grab something when baby is being fussy, or hurriedly stash away a mess when you have unexpected visitors (as the baskets can be neatly tucked out of site under most cribs). The Bolga Baskets come in a wide range of colors, so you can order a few and keep outfits, blankets, and toys all stashed in their own place.


    Lidded Baskets for Dirty Clothes

    With all the clothes that your baby will wear, a stylish clothes hamper is a nursery essential. KAZI’s extra-large Lidded Baskets are the perfect size to hold baby’s small onesies, burping cloths, and other soiled clothing items, while keeping them away and out of sight until laundry time.


    Wall Art

    You can complete your safari theme with thoughtful Wall Décor. Our trays, placemats, and fans can be hung and arranged to create a unique focal point in the nursery. You can play with colors to create an ombre effect, or use different shapes to add texture.


    Planters for Greenery

    Nothing says safari more than a little greenery. Plants will help keep the air a little cleaner and add a natural element that will make the nursery feel cozier. Our Planters come in bright colors and fun patterns to bring the whole look of your safari-inspired nursery together. 

    KAZI’s fair-trade items are sturdy, practical, and beautiful. You can mix and match our bowls, trays, and baskets to create a colorful nursery that you and your baby will enjoy. Visit KAZI online to shop now.

    Bring Bohemian Vibes to Your Home with KAZI’s Line of Home Accessories

    Bohemian, or boho-chic, décor is having a very big moment in interior design right now. And it’s no wonder. The anything-goes, more-is-more, fashion-forward look actually has a relaxed, inviting vibe that works in both large and small spaces. When you’re creating a bohemian-inspired home, you can let your artistic side roam freely, mixing unconventional pieces with the items you treasure and textures you love.

    A boho-inspired space is eclectic, whimsical, and personalized to the owner. There really are no rules when it comes to bohemian décor, but if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to bring easy, breezy boho vibes to your home.


    Keep It Casual

    To achieve the slightly chaotic, unmatched look of bohemian styling, it's important to keep the elements in your space casual,. Don’t worry about matching the finishes and color of your furniture or décor items. And if you do have formal pieces, like an antique armoire that’s been handed down to you, accent it with a colorful, woven planter to balance out your room and maintain a laid-back vibe.


    Incorporate Bold Patterns

    Don’t be afraid to mix patterns; if you like something, use it, even if you aren’t sure it will necessarily match. Bold colors and unique patterns—like stripes, paisley, plaid, or tribal designs—can add a touch of creativity to your space. If you’re just starting to accumulate your décor, start with a neutral base and add pops of colors with baskets, bowls, or even coasters. If you’re ready to dive right into the bohemian look, embrace rich, jewel-tone hues and add contrasting accents. The best way to build a cool, carefree vibe is to mix things up.

    Add Some Organization 

    Because there are no rules and more is more with Bohemian styling, rooms can tend to teeter on the edge of feeling a little chaotic. Carefully chosen storage pieces can help you hide a mess while keeping with your relaxed vibes. For instance, use a colorfully patterned tray to display a collection, keep kitchen utensils in place with a woven vase, and store go-to items in a fun and funky, fringed market basket. For items you don’t want to showcase, like extra blankets, magazines, or miscellaneous knick-knacks, inside a lidded basket keeps them out of sight.

    Embrace One-of-a-Kind Pieces

    Once your space is put together and complete, it will have a truly one-of-a-kind look that reflects your personality and story. Building this story with handmade pieces just adds to make it even more unique. KAZI’s items are all hand-woven by artisans in Africa, and have their own special spin. When you’re creating your décor and starting with hand crafted pieces, you’re laying the foundation for a space that’s totally individualized to your taste.

    Take Your Time Building Your Decor 

    While a well-worn leather couch or large painting from a beloved artist can be a big-ticket focal point in your room, not every bohemian-inspired item needs to be a splurge. The idea is to tell a story, so smaller investments like baskets, textiles, and vases can be accumulated over time. They can add layers of dimension and texture to your space to tie your ambiance together without feeling forced or inauthentic.


    Dress Up Your Walls



    Bohemian style is less about simplicity, and more about…more. With this décor style, you can fill up every inch of your walls with the things you love—and you don’t have to worry about items and artwork matching. Pair your thrift store finds with artwork, family photos, textiles, and KAZI’s Wall Décor. The beautiful thing about the boho style is that everything ends up looking amazing together, even if they don’t necessarily match at all. Create a bold collage and mix antique frames with contemporary paintings and colorful, hand-woven fans. The more textures, colors, and patterns you can incorporate, the better. Think outside the box as far as layout and items, and use your walls as a place to display your personality and adventures.






    Bring the Outside In

    Bohemian décor shares a strong connection with nature, so fill your home with the greenery and plants that make you happy. Whether it’s a cluster of succulents, small tree, or leafy fern, you can never have enough plants. Mix and match our vibrant planters to build an indoor garden with a laidback ambiance.

    Ultimately, bohemian décor is all about expressing your personality and telling your story. With KAZI’s handmade products, you’re bringing the voice of African artisans into your home for a unique look that you can make all your own. For more inspiration and to view all our products, visit KAZI online.

    The Basket Trio

    The Basket Trio

    Your Guide to the Basket Trio:

    • For a more structured look, hang three baskets in a row.
    • Mix it up! Play with adding secondary elements like picture frames, wall art and other hanging objects. Use eclectic variety to add beauty and texture to your wall space.
    • Use one of KAZI’s fans or trivets to add variety in shape and color.
    • Get experimental! Try three baskets of different patterns and colors.
    • Loving how ombre looks? Use three baskets to create the perfect ombre effect on your wall.