The Ultimate Set-Up Guide for Your Dream Wall Decor

You are checking news daily, communicating with loved ones, and planning for months ahead. You, me, and billions of other people are spending more time in our homes. Your home is your work space and your place to rest after a long day. You cannot control this global phenomena but you can choose your home decor. 

If you don’t have the energy for a complete home makeover, that’s okay. A blank wall space and a little creativity is all you need to show your home some love. 

When you think wall decor, you might think framed art, wall storage, string lights, picture frames, and wall shelves. Why not try handmade, contemporary African baskets?

Each basket order creates jobs for 5,000 artisans in east Africa working to support their families. As you work remotely, you can look up to gorgeous, handwoven wall art. (They’re multifunctional--- you can use them as storage containers and decorative objectives on wall shelves).

As you shop at Target, West Elm, and Anthropologie, consider these high-quality pieces to create your own basket wall art without maxing out your credit card. There’s handwoven wall decor to show off boho, farmhouse, and coastal  style. Add an accent color to a neutral space or warm, neutral pieces for a timeless look. 

Ready to create your own basket wall but have no idea where to begin? Read on to learn about two simple wall art installations! 

The Basket Wall Trio

You might be asking yourself, how do I hang wall art on my walls?

The easiest and most affordable way to decorate your walls is to select three amazing baskets for your chosen wall. Live in a small apartment? Have very little wall space? Not a problem! This gorgeous basket wall trio works in tight spaces and blank walls. Cluster baskets together or spread them apart depending on location and your style preference. 

Start by choosing baskets of varying sizes and patterns. We especially recommend checking out our Sea Glass Collection for coastal blues. Prefer a timeless, neutral palette? Explore our Chic Obsidian Collection for classic black and white baskets. 

Next, choose your canvas. What spot in your house needs extra love? Be sure that spot is well-lit with natural light, accent lighting, or pendant lighting. 

Set up your own basket wall art above your accent chair and chair cushion in your cozy reading nook. Take reading or Netflix breaks to admire the intricate weaving pattern and vibrant colors.  

Anthropologie styled our Petite Salon baskets in a descending triangle pattern. They mix sizes by pairing our larger wall plates with a smaller woven bowl to create dimension. 

Pick your accent decor baskets based on the color palette of your favorite home decorations. Feeling inspired by the colors of your accent lamps and lamp shades? We work with many color palettes. Mixing patterns is highly encouraged! 

You might want to ask us, how do you hang wall art without nails? You might live in an apartment or want to decide your wall art placement. You can use command strips of varying sizes. Use larger ones for baskets that weight 5+ lbs. 

Stay productive and focused even when working remotely. Use wall decor to transform your home office.

Want to add color to your office furniture? Hang our vibrant Utopia collection above your desk, office chair, and task lamp. 

One way to style your basket wall art is by hanging the largest piece above the two smaller pieces, creating a diagonal triangle. 

How high should you hang wall art? Place the lowest hanging basket at least 4-6 inches above furniture.

Match your wall art with your other office furniture and home accents for a polished look. 

Love this look? Check out our storage containers and vases for a home office makeover. 

You can use baskets from our collection as wall art and decorative accessories in your living room. Place KAZI wall decor above your living room furniture.

Shell Loft beautifully styled our Modern Minimalist collection above a living room couch. 

They matched this wall art to their throw pillows and couch. They also hang our baskets in a triangular shape. The largest piece is hung slightly above the rest. 

We recommend choosing 3 different sized baskets like Shell Loft did for their wall art. Your basket wall decor can compliment the colors of your coffee table, lumbar pillows, throw rug, accent lamps, candle and candle holders, and other accent furniture.

The Gallery Wall 

Choose natural, handwoven baskets as an alternative to framed art and canvas art. The blank wall you glance in passing will become one you stop to admire with a basket gallery wall. You might feel intimidated by this set up but trust us, it’s easy and worth your time. 

This layout also works in every room from your living room to above your bedroom furniture.

Let your imagination run wild and pick at 5 or more baskets as your new home accessories. We suggest you pick a central color theme. Choose different materials for some variation in style and texture. 

As you sit in your dining chair, look up to this gorgeous wall art hanging above your dining table, dining room furniture during your next meal. 

These warm accent accessories come from our Terra D’ Oro Collection.

We love this timeless collection because it’s not just seasonal decor.

We recommend choosing the largest piece as the wall art focal point. For a more detailed set-up instruction, check out this quick video.  

Love the other featured home accessories? Check out our dining accessories like napkin rings, decorative bowls, coasters, and wine glass charms. These functional and decorative objects will compliment your dinnerware sets, charger plates, serving bowls, and decorative trays. (Try using our chargers and trivets as pot holders or place them underneath your kitchen canisters). 

Home stager Brooke Thompson created this gorgeous gallery wall by mixing baskets from our Traditional and Modern Minimalist collections. 

You can recreate this look by placing the smallest baskets furthest from the focal point. 

Use flat woven pieces (like trivets, chargers, and plates) with our round decorative baskets to create dimension.

How much space should you leave in between baskets? We recommend 3 finger width apart.

Make your basket wall decor the room’s focal point by keeping your other living room furniture symmetrical. Notice the symmetry of the accent tables in Brooke Thomson’s set-up.

Be creative and have fun with your set up!

After unwinding from a long day, light your scented candles and admire your new basket wall art.

Try placing baskets above your bed-frame or any blank wall in need of some love.

Pick baskets that compliment the color of your bedroom furniture from your throw blanket and pillows to your window treatment and your floor mirrors.

Love coastal blues for your room? Check out our Sea Glass Collection

Your entryway is someone’s first impression of your home. Even if you aren’t entertaining guests,you deserve to see a beautiful wall art installation once you enter your home.

Not loving your current entryway decor? Is your wall in need of decorative objects? Try adding colorful baskets near your doorway. This vibrant, summery look unapologetically mixes peachy and pink patterns with 10 pieces. This decor accent pairs beautifully with your entryway furniture.

You can master this look by choosing both woven flat baskets and round baskets. Place pieces asymmetrically like this set-up. To add more depth, layout baskets diagonally to add more depth. 

Happy planning!